City Boards & Committees

City of Watertown residents are invited to become involved in local government by serving on citizen boards, commissions or committees.  The City of Watertown benefits from the knowledge, experience and expertise of its civic-minded citizens via commission or committee recommendations to the City Council.

Board and commission positions are voluntary and appointed by the Mayor and City Council. The time commitment for each board/commission varies.  Preparation for some meetings may require additional time obligations. Once appointed, attendance at all regularly scheduled meetings is critical.  Contact City Hall at 920-262-4000 if you are interested on serving on any of the boards, commissions or committees listed below:



Airport Commission

This commission is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and equipment of the Municipal Airport. They may recommend appropriate improvements to the airport to the Public Works Commission and Common Council. They have the authority to set fees and charges for the use of the Municipal Airport
Meets Second Wednesday of Month at 5:15 pm.

6 Year Term
Name  Term Exp. Phone 
Bob Wetzel, Ald. 4/25 920-342-9528 
Tom Finnel 6/29 920-261-5712 
Jerry Hepp 11/29  920-285-6739
Dr. Terry Turke 6/27 920-261-2020 
Sean Lapp 6/27 920-206-1798
Tom Klug   8/28 920-285-4777
Jeffrey Baum Indefinite 920-261-6651
 Andrew Beyer Indefinite 920-262-4052


Board of Review
Board of Review reviews assessment rolls for real estate and personal property, hears testimony from property owners objecting to property assessments and makes determination of appropriate assessment based on testimony from assessor and property owner.
Meets as Needed. 
3-Year Term
Name  Term Exp  Phone 
Fred Smith, Ald. 4/25 920-261-9728
Brad Blanke,  Ald. 4/25 920-285-5185
Nick Krueger 5/26 715-505-0158
Jerry Kolwinska 5/25 920-262-2150
Emily McFarland Indefinite 920-262-4000 


City Wide Bicycle & Pedestrian Path Task Force
This task force was created in 2016 to oversee, delineate and update the plans to reflect the most advantageous locations for bicycle and pedestrian paths that will bring the biggest benefit to the City.
Meets as Needed.

Name  Term Exp Phone
Dale Oestreich    920-261-7019
Jason Widiker   608-395-8450
Joseph Kallas Indefinite 920-295-2318
Carol Quest, Health Officer Indefinite 920-262-8090
Eric Schmid, Ald. 4/25 920-245-5114
Fred Smith, Ald. 4/25 920-261-9728
Rod Laudenslager   920-285-1740
Emily McFarland, Mayor Indefinite 920-262-4000
Andrew Beyer,  PW Director/City Engineer Indefinite 920-262-4050
David Brower, Police Chief Indefinite 920-206-4218
VACANT. Assistant City Engineer    


County Supervisors for Watertown Area Districts of Dodge County
Name  District Phone 
Cathy Houchin    21 920-261-0764 
Jenifer Hedrick 22 920-988-8209 
David Frohling  23 920-261-1589 


County Supervisors for Watertown Area Districts of Jefferson County 

Name  District Phone 
Karl Zarling 4 262-490-3300 
James Braughler    5 920-342-4758 
Dan Herbst 6 920-261-9183 
Dwayne Morris  7 920-246-4587 
Michael Wineke 8 920-261-3265

City Council Representative to Main Street Board

Name  Term Exp.  Phone 
Myron Moldenhauer, Ald. 4/25 920-261-6893


Ethics Board
"The Ethics Board is comprised of three residents of the City of Watertown. Their duty is to provide ethical advice and opinions to all City officials, conduct investigations for any alleged violation of Ch. 65 and to assist the Common Council with the creation of any written rules regarding ethical conduct for City Officials and City Staff." 
Meets Second Friday of Month at 1:00 pm.

Name Term Exp Phone
Mike Nienow 2/26  
Brenda Kujawski 2/26 920-262-2944
Renee Westphal 2/26 920-342-3233
Steven Cheseboro, City Attorney    
Sandy Helwig, Paralegal    

Finance Committee

This committee reviews the yearly budget as submitted by the Mayor and makes recommendations to the Common Council regarding changes to that budget. The Finance Committee also reviews and approves purchases over the department head purchasing threshold and reviews and recommends approval of contracts and grant applications.  The Finance Committee also serves as the Personnel committee for the City approving the wages of new hires and recommending policy changes to the employee handbook
One Year Term
Meets Second & Fourth Monday of Month at 5:30 pm.

Name  District  Phone 
Emily McFarland  Mayor 920-262-4000 
Dana Davis, Ald. 1 920-248-2524
Myron Moldenhauer 9 920-261-6893
Dan Bartz, Ald.  4 920-261-8932
Jonathan Lampe, Ald. 2 920-248-0656 


Health Board
This board assesses the health needs of the community and creates policy designed to improve public health
Three Year Term
Meets as needed.

Name  Term Exp.   Phone 
Dana Davis, Ald. 4/25 920-248-2524
Fred Smith, Ald. 4/25 920-261-9728
Andrea Turke  1/27 920-261-8116 
Dr. Donene Rowe  01/27  262-472-1300
Patricia Gedemer 12/25
Carol Quest, Health Director Indefinite 920-262-8090
Kim Hiller, Health Dept Indefinite 920-262-8090


Historic Preservation & Downtown Design Commission
The Watertown Historic Preservation & Downtown Design Commission oversees beautification projects within the Main Street Historic District.  It is comprised of 7 members with experience in historic preservation, art and design.  The commission is available to assist any downtown property or business owner interested in improving the look of their storefront or building.  The Commission also works city-wide to promote historic preservation awareness through education and the creation of additional historic districts.  For more information regarding the Commission please call Melissa Lampe at (920) 390-2061 or e-mail:

Three Year Term 
Meets Fourth Wednesday of Month at 6:00 pm.

Name  Term Exp.  Phone 
Jill Nadeau 1/27 920-285-1986 
Tim Little 1/27 719-213-5311
Jaynellen Holloway 1/27 920-248-3928 
Jacob Maas, Chair 12/24 920-344-4000
Michael Trego 1/27 262-443-3265 
Melissa Lampe 03/27 920-248-0616
John Klink 12/26 414-589-0664
Brian Zirbes, Zoning Administrator  Indefinite 920-262-4041
 Doug Zwieg, Building Inspector Indefinite 920-262-4060

Housing Authority
The Housing Authority administers and maintains 78 public housing units; 55 elderly/disabled and 23 family units.  Public housing is a federal program that allows tenants to pay 30% of their income for rent.  The WHA operates this program under an Annual Contributions Contract with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

5 Year Term
Meets Third Thursday of the Month at 4 p.m. - Johnson Arms
Name  Term Exp.  Phone 
Michelle Malmstrom  8/24 920-747-0854 
Jennifer Water 8/28 920-988-2077
Robert Stocks 8/26 920-988-5394
Jim Braughler  8/27 920-342-4758
Judy Bear 8/27 920-261-5765
Tammy Kasten Exec Dir  920-261-7795 


Humane Officers

Name  Term Exp . Phone 
Ryan Abbott     Indefinite 920-261-6660
Landon Muehlenkamp     Indefinite 920-261-6660
Scott Kind Indefinite  920-261-6660 


Joint Review Board
Meets Second Thursday of month at 5:30 pm.
Annually as Needed
Name Term Exp. Phone
Emily McFarland,  Mayor  Indefinite 920-262-4000
Glenn Matthews-MATC Rep  Indefinite  
Tony Arnett, School District Rep
Lynn Linskens-EXEC
Ben Weheimer, Jefferson County Rep
or Marc DeVries
Jim Romlein, Citizen Member 6/24  
Mark Stevens, Finance Director Indefinite 920-262-4007
Mason Becker, RDA Rep Indefinite 920-261-4266



Library Board
This board manages the operations of the Watertown Public Library. 
Three Year Term
Meets Second Thursday of month at 5:30 pm.

Name  Term Exp.  Phone 
Sarah Oudenhoven 7/25 920-253-1944
Tom Kohls 7/26 920-650-5489
Kerry Kneser 7/26 262-470-1557
Andi Merfeld 7/26 920-988-6983
Bob Wetzel, Ald. 4/25 920-342-9528
Erin O'Neill 7/25 920-261-0601
Betsy Gerike 7/26 920-248-4489
Christopher Koppes 7/25 920-261-7626
Jarred Burke Indefinite  920-262-1460 


Licensing Board
The Licensing Board approves applications for all types of liquor licenses.  These include beverage operator, bars/restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and various special events that occur within the City.

Meets Second Wednesday of the month at 4:15 p.m.
Name  Term Exp  Phone 
Emily McFarland, Chair    Indefinite 920-262-4000 
Megan Dunneisen, Secretary    Indefinite  920-262-4006 
Fred Smith, Ald. 4/25 920-261-9728
Brad Blanke, Ald. 4/25 920-285-5185
Cheri Martin, Citizen Rep 6/27 920-988-1010
Erin Schroeder, Tavern League Rep 6/27 920-342-9115
David Brower, Police Chief Indefinite  920-206-4218 
Steven Chesebro, Advisor  Indefinite  920-262-4030




Main Street Construction Task Force
New in 2021, this temporary task force has been formed to chart a strategic course for Main Street
between Church and Market Streets.

Meets Fourth Wednesday of every other month at 2:30 pm.

Member Representative Phone
Mayor Emily McFarland 920-262-4000
Alderperson Myron Moldenhauer 920-261-6893
Alderperson Steve Board 920-285-7858
RDA Ryan Wagner  
Wttn Main Street Director Jody Purtell 920-342-3623
Downtown Business Owner Amber Smith  
City Engineering Department Andrew Beyer 920-262-4050
Wttn Historic Downtown Design Commission Member Michael Trego 262-443-3265
WI Dept of Transportation Michelle Ellias  
WACC Member Andy Grinwald  
Citizen at Large Laurie Hoffmann  
Strategic Initiatives Mason Becker  


Park, Recreation & Forestry Commission 
Park, Recreation & Forestry Commission plans and approves Parks and Recreation programs, administers the budget, recommends to the Common Council all major purchases, and submits ordinances and resolutions for managing Parks and Recreation programs.
Three Year Term
Meets Third Monday of month at 4:30 p.m.
Name  Term Exp Phone 
Jonathan Lampe, Ald. 4/25 920-246-3790
Kyle Krueger 5/26 920-342-9100
Emily Lessner 5/27 920-342-0511
Julie Chapman 5/27 920-296-6369
Jennifer Clayton  5/27 262-490-3677
Brad Clark 5/27 920-390-9411
Brian Konz, Chair        5/25 920-261-4574


Plan Commission
This commission makes reports and recommendations pertaining to the plan development of the City. They may, in doing their functions, enter upon any land to examine and survey it.
Three Year Term
Meets Second & Fourth Monday of month at 4:30 pm.
Name  Term Exp.  Phone 
Emily McFarland, Chair  Indefinite 920-262-4000 
Andrew Beyer , Engineering  Indefinite 920-262-4050
Brian Zirbes, Zoning  Indefinite 920-262-4041
Brad Blanke, Ald. 4/25 920-285-5185
Alyse Talaga, Citizen Member 9/25 920-285-6100
Brian Konz, Park & Rec Rep 5/25 920-261-4574
Melissa Lampe, Citizen Member 5/27 920-342-3623
Nick Krueger, Citizen Member 5/25 715-505-0158


Police And Fire Commission

This commission appoints the Chief of Police and the Chief of the Fire Department, approves subordinates appointed by the chiefs, and oversees the policies and conduct of both departments.
Five Year Term
Meets Second Monday of month at 4:00 p.m.

Name  Term Exp  Phone 
Casandra Wagner 5/27 920-988-7517
Jim Schildbach, Vice Chair 5/28 920-261-3271
Nicole Salas 5/26 920-248-1708
Kelly Kwapil, Secretary 5/25 920-261-2907
Brad Kuenzi, Chair 5/29 920-539-5392


Public Safety & Welfare Committee

The Public Safety and Welfare Committee reviews and recommends ordinances affecting general public safety and hears appeals regarding such. Topics include but are not limited to emergency management, parking, crosswalks, right of way encroachments, street lighting, signage, recreational fires, property maintenance, vicious dogs and other animal issues.

Meets First Wednesday of month at 5:30 p.m.

Name  District  Term Exp Phone 
Dana Davis,  Ald. Chair 1 4/25 920-248-2524
Brad Blanke, Ald.  5 4/25 920-285-5185
Eric Schmid, Ald. 7 4/25 920-245-5114
Steven Board. Ald. 3 4/25 920-285-7858
David Brower, Police Chief      
Andrew Beyer, Engineer      


Public Works Commission

This commission superintends public works and keeps the streets, sewers, and public places and works in repair.
Meets Tuesday week prior to Council at 5:30.

Name  District  Term Exp Phone 
Fred Smith 6 4/25 920-261-9728
Dan Bartz,  Ald.  4 4/25 920-261-8932
Bob Wetzel,  8 4/25 920-342-9528
Steven Board, Chair 3 4/25 920-285-7858
Pete Thompson Citizen Member 1/27

Redevelopment Authority

This body carries out projects aimed at eliminating blight and renewing urban areas. The scope of its powers and duties are outlined in State Statutes. The RDA is technically not a part of the City of Watertown; however, the RDA works very closely with the City.
Click here to be redirected to the Redevelopment Authority web site
Five Year Term
Meets Third Wednesday of month  at 6:00 pm.

Name  Term Exp  Phone 
Jonathan Lampe, Ald. 4/25 920-248-0656
Steve Board,  Ald. 4/25 920-261-8932
Karrisa Hurtgen 1/29 920-988-6523
Dave Zimmermann 1/29
Jacob Maas 1/25 920-344-4000
Ryan Wagner, Vice Chair 1/26  
Ryan Nowatka 1/27 920-988-1246
Mason Becker, Strategic Initiatives  Indefinite 920-262-4266


Site Plan Review Committee

This committee manages the direction of growth and planning within the City. They do so by reviewing various maps and plans and making technical recommendations to the Plan Commission to ensure that the proposed development is compatible with our ordinances and policies.
Meets Second & Fourth Monday of the Month at 1:30 pm.

Name  Title  Phone 
Emily McFarland Mayor  920-262-4000 
Maureen McBroom Storm water 920-206-4264
Andrew Beyer PW Director/City Engineer 920-262-4050
Brian Zirbes Zoning Administrator 920-262-4041
Doug Zwieg Building Inspection 920-262-4062
David Brower Police Department 920-206-4218
Pete Hartz Water Department  920-262-4085
Kristine Butteris Park & Rec Department    920-262-8082 
  Fire Department   
Stacy Winkelman Street Department 920-262-4047
Mason Becker Strategic Initiatives & Economic Development Director 920-206-4266
Mike Slavney    

(Park & Recreation Director, Health Officer or designee may also be included.)

Tourism Commission

This committee coordinates tourism promotion and tourism activities for the city. They provide duties and 
services as allowed by state statutes.
Three Year Term
Meets Second Thursday of month at 8:00 am.

Name  Term Exp  Phone 
Aaron David 7/25 920-261-5142
Cheryl Mitchell 5/25 920-262-1910
Kristine Butteris Indefinite 920-262-8080
Courtney Krause 5/25 920-253-5002
Conrad Talaga 5/25 920-390-9293
Steven Board, Ald. 4/25 920-285-7858


Town Square Programming Commission
Meets 1st Wednesday of the month at 4:15

Name Term Exp Phone
Dan Bartz, Ald 4/25 920-261-8932
Bonnie Hertel 5/25 920-988-5241
Dave Zimmerman 5/25 920-261-4342
Robin Kaufmann 5/25 920-253-7292
Brian Konz 5/25 920-392-1191
Jody Purtell 5/25 920-342-3623
Erica Schneekloth 5/26 920-248-1074


Transit Commission
The Transit Commission bids and awards the City's taxi service provider contract, reviews operations of the shared-ride taxi service, hears citizen complaints and reviews and recommends taxi rates.
Four Year Term
Meets every other month at 5:30 pm.
Name  Term Exp Phone 
Eric Schmid, Ald. 4/25 920-245-5114
Tom Hahn 5/25 920-285-6347
David Applegarth 10/27 920-253-6185
Michelle Bainbridge 10/24 920-285-7848
Laurie Grosenick 10/24 920-261-8561
Megan Dunneisen, Secretary Indefinite  920-262-4006


Watertown Family Connections
Watertown Family Connections formerly the Watertown Family Center, has been strengthening families in Dodge and Jefferson Counties since 1994. We believe strong families are key to a strong community. The WFC is a community-based family resource center that is a welcoming hub of support, services, and opportunities for families with children birth -5 that are free of charge.  
One Year Term
Name  Term Exp.  Phone 
Dana Davis 4/25 920-248-2524
Carol Quest  8/24 920-206-8090 
Fire Department    
Laci Cummings 8/24 920-206-4251

Weed Commissioner

Name  Term Exp. Phone 
Kristine Butteris  Indefinite 920-262-8080 

Youth Advisory Committee

Contact:  Mayor McFarland Term Exp.
Committee Mentors:  
Riley Kappell 5/23
Emelia Groeler 5/23
Anna Schmid 5/23
Lucy Groeler 5/23
Isaac Winters 5/23
Sadie Pliska 5/23


Zoning Board of Appeals

This board hears and decides appeals when there is any alleged error made by the Zoning Administrator. Additionally, they can hear and decide exceptions to the Zoning Chapter to avoid unnecessary hardship and promote public safety and welfare. This board only meets as needed.
Three Year Term
Meets as needed.

Name  Term Exp  Phone 
Steve Jones 2/26 920-390-2927 
Jacob Maas 5/27 920-344-4000
Mike Rollert, V Chair 5/27 920-988-8204
Jim Freres, Chair  2/26 920-988-7436
Thomas Johnson 5/25   920-342-5761
Michael Huebner 5/25 920-253-5143
Aari Roberts  5/27 920-253-7212