Watertown Municipal Airport


To be an efficiently operated, valuable community asset that helps bring economic opportunities to Watertown and adds to the city's quality of life.

To be an aviation port of entry for the city that can reasonably accommodate the majority of aircraft that would be landing in Watertown.
To be part of the city's key infrastructure system in attracting industry and business to Watertown.
To help improve the quality of life by offering a unique travel option for both business and recreational activities.
To allow for emergency operations involving aircraft arriving or departing Watertown, such as law enforcement and air ambulance operations.

The Watertown Municipal Airport was commissioned in 1945 and has grown from two short grass strips, a few buildings, and seven aircraft to a modern facility. Currently, the airport is called home by over 90 aircraft owners. The facility has three non-precision approaches.RYVairport-overhead - Copy - Copy

Wisconsin Aviation, Inc., maintains its corporate headquarters on the grounds of the Watertown Municipal Airport, Watertown, Wisconsin. As the FBO for the city's airport, we provide a full array of aviation services to include: charter service, flight training, aircraft sales, aircraft maintenance, avionics repair and upgrades, interiors repair, fueling, tie-downs, and hangaring.
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FBO General Manager: Krys Brown