Boughton Street Tornado Siren Out Of Service

The City of Watertown recently became aware that the Boughton Street tornado siren did not alarm in the recent warning. On June 5, 2024, regular maintenance was scheduled for all city tornado sirens.  During the maintenance inspection it was determined that the Boughton Street siren is beyond repair. The city has been making proactive upgrades to city sirens over the last 10 years and this siren was one of the last two scheduled to be replaced.  The city is currently working to resolve the issue to regain tornado siren coverage to that area.  Until that is accomplished, citizens should not rely on the siren to alarm in that area for alerting purposes.

Alternative means for remaining tornado aware are to follow the local weather, ensure your emergency notifications are permitted on your cellular device and to be aware of the weather that surrounds you while outside.   Tornado sirens are not designed to alert citizens inside of buildings so maintaining weather awareness and permitting cellular device warning systems is always encouraged.