Watertown Department of Health Reviewed, Acknowledged for Job Well Done

Wisconsin Department of Health Services directs a process to formally review the operations of all local health departments at least every 5 years.

The Watertown Department of Health  recently underwent the 140 Review.  This process is done by the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services and is a review of the operations and programs that are offered to be certified as a Level II Health Department.  This review is done through a series of interviews with staff and the board of health members. 

Quote from Wisconsin State Health Officer Paula Tran:

“I want to acknowledge the work of the Watertown Department of Public Health staff. Carol Quest, health officer, did an excellent job of providing quality evidence of meeting statutes and rules. I am acutely aware of the stress of operating a health department and that the demands on public health directors and professionals have increased exponentially during this state and global pandemic. I applaud the dedicated efforts of Carol and the Watertown Department of Public Health staff to keep your jurisdiction healthy and safe. I also appreciate the support of the City of Watertown Board of Health for maintaining a strong public health department. Pandemic response has potentially caused you and your jurisdiction to think about public health issues you may have not considered before. I am sure with ongoing support for evidence-based quality public health initiatives by you and your fellow board of health members, the Watertown Department of Public Health will continue to protect and promote the health of the people in your jurisdiction.”

140 review cert presentation 2023

Pictured L to R:  Ald. Fred Smith, Patricia Gedemer - Chief Nursing Officer at Watertown Regional Medical Center, Carol Quest – Health Officer/Director at Watertown Department of Public Health, Dr. Donene Rowe - Board of Health Chair, Joe Larson - DHS, Andrea Turke, Ald. Jonathan Lampe, and Abbigail Kuehn - Assistant Director at Watertown Department of Public Health.