The term “forfeiture” as used here includes statutorily-required surcharges and court costs.  The forfeiture amount that is usually imposed for your violation is shown on the citation under the word “Deposit.”

How can I pay the forfeiture?

  • Cash, personal check or money order
  • Mastercharge or Visa in person or by telephone to the Court Clerk

Where can I pay the forfeiture?

  • In court, when the court is in session.
  • At the Court Clerk’s office (Room 2065), usually on Monday through Thursday between 8:00 and 4:00 and Friday between 8:00 and noon.
  • In the drop box at the Court Clerk’s office; envelopes are provided.
  • By mail to Watertown Municipal Court, 106 Jones Street, Room 2065, Watertown, WI  53094.  Please do not mail cash.

When is the forfeiture due to be paid?

  • Before the initial appearance (IA) date if you do not intend to appear or contest the citation.
  • On the IA date if you appear and plead guilty or no contest.
  • Upon being found guilty upon your own plea, or by default for not showing up on a court date, or upon trial.

What if I cannot afford to pay the forfeiture on the due date?

  • On the due date you should appear in court and ask for more time to pay or request an installment payment plan.  Such requests are usually granted.
  • If you do not live in Watertown, you can mail a written request or call the Court Clerk.  That request must clearly identify you, state your telephone number and address, and it must propose a new due date (not more than 60 days) or an installment plan.  The court will mail you a written confirmation of any extended due date or payment plan.

What happens if I fail to pay the forfeiture as scheduled?

  • Your driver’s license may be suspended for up to two years or until you pay; or,
  • Other licenses may be revoked; or,
  • A jail sentence may be ordered; or,
  • A warrant may be issued for you to be arrested and brought before the court; or,
  • A tax intercept of tax refunds may be imposed.