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Mayor Emily McFarland

IMG_8817The City of Watertown, Wisconsin, pop. 24,000, is located in beautiful southeastern Wisconsin, midway between Milwaukee and Madison. We are a friendly, hard-working city surrounded by lush forests and beautiful farmland. Distinct and self-sufficient, Watertown is big enough to have all the amenities you'll need, but small enough to access them in 10 minutes or less. Watertown is truly a wonderful place to live, work, dine, shop, play and do business! It's a genuine American hometown.

Watertown is proud to be home to the First Kindergarten in the United States, which has been carefully preserved and is open to seasonal viewing on the grounds of the Octagon House Museum. The city also takes pride in its heritage and historic building stock with five historic districts - including its inviting downtown - listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The mighty and steadfast Rock River winds its way through Watertown, providing scenic views, and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike. Watertown boasts an extensive, high-quality park system, and there are also many opportunities for homeownership along the Rock River.

The Watertown Unified School District, as well as our wide variety of excellent parochial schools, provides superior educational services and learning environments to area children. For recent high school graduates and adults seeking advanced learning opportunities, Maranatha Baptist University and Madison College both offer quality, full-service campuses here.

Watertown contains a pleasant mix of single-family and multi-family housing located in both modern, new subdivisions and well-preserved historic neighborhoods throughout the city. Outstanding senior living communities, specialized treatment facilities and an outstanding hospital are also found here.

In addition to our parks and destination outdoor sporting facilities, Watertown offers a wide variety of top-notch core municipal services and amenities, including a full-time police department, a full-time paramedic-trained fire department, a quality public library, a family-friendly aquatic center, a charming community/senior center on the river, city cab transportation, and much more.

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Emily McFarland, Mayor