Street Division

811 South First Street     

Office: 920-262-4080 
Fax: 920-262-4082

Jaynellen Holloway, Director of Public Works (920) 262-4050
Stacy Winkelman, Operations Manager (920) 262-4047
Matthew Willmann, Assistant Operations Manager (920) 206-4272
Chris Newberry, Project Manager (920) 262-4060 or (920) 262-4080

Jane Flanigan, Administrative Assistant (920) 206-4270

Street Division Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 
6:30am - 3:30pm
Friday, December 22 and Monday, December 25: Office closed for Christmas
Friday, December 31 and Monday, January 1: Office closed for New Years

There will be NO pickup on Friday, December 22 and Friday, December 29 of Solid Waste and Recycle.  Friday's route will be completed on Thursday, December 21 and Thursday, December 28. 
There will be NO pickup on Monday, December 25 and Monday, January 1. Monday routes will be completed on Tuesday, December 26 and Tuesday, January 2. 

As we prepare the crew and trucks for the holiday please note there will be VERY LIMITED space for excess garbage, recycling or construction debris Wednesday, December 20 until Wednesday, January 3.

Leaf Collection, Schedule & Routes
Residents can choose options to manage leaves this fall.

Monthly pick-up

Traditional Street Collection Option

Bagged Leaf Collection Option

Do NOT park in front of piles/bags. The crews must have easy access

Only leaves – NO sticks, vegetation, or pet waste

Rake leaves to edge of curb on grass, not in street 

Leave compostable paper bags at edge of grass, not in street

Leaves can be delivered to yard waste

Keeps leaves out of streets and storm drains preventing local flooding and reducing phosphorus


Raking on your schedule, not the City’s leaf pick-up schedule (bags of leaves can easily be stored out of site until it’s time to put them out for the monthly leaf collection). Our goal is to pick-up bagged leaves more often.


Can drop off filled bags (LEAVES ONLY!) at yard waste site. The site closes for the season Saturday, December 2.

Only leaves should be filled into the bags. Please fold the bags to close – do not tie, stable, or tape. Compostable paper bags can be purchased at local hardware stores, home improvement stores, other related retailers and online.  Reusing paper grocery bags is also an option. 

Fall leaf collection to began October 16 in Section 3. Once a section is completed, we move onto the next section (unlike brush collection). The next week, no matter where we ended the previous week, we begin with the designated section. 

Section 1:      Northwest Portion - North side of West Main Street north to city limit

                        West of River and/or East Spaulding to city limit

Section 2:      Northeast Portion – North side of East Main Street/Summit Avenue/East Gate Drive to the city limit and east of Rock River and/or Schiller Street to Schuman Drive and/or Kuckkan Lane

Section 3:      Southwest Portion – South side of West Main Street to city limits

                        Rock River/Railroad/River Drive west to city limits

Section 4:      Southeast Portion – South side of East Main Street/Summit Avenue, East Gate Drive to city limits

                        Rock River/Railroad/River Drive east to city limits

Note: Same route as the Brush Collection. Map available at left menu.

Please Keep Grass Clippings Out of Roadways and Curbs
Grass clippings clog storm drains and put harmful nutrients into our local waterways and increase the risk of street flooding. 
The depositing or placement of any type of yard waste, including grass clippings, leaves or tree
branches or any other yard waste, in the paved portion of any road or alley is prohibited. The Watertown Street Operations Manager and designee shall have the authority to issue citations to persons who violate this section. (B) The penalty for persons violating this section shall be $25 per occurrence plus court costs and assessments. Each violation and each day a violation continues to occur shall constitute a separate offense. (Sec 457-17)

Limb and Branch Curbside Chipping
December - March
Please call the Street Department at 920-262-4080 or email to be added to the Winter Chipper List. The crew is sent out when we have enough brush to chip and weather is cooperative- freezing temperatures could freeze the branches to the boulevard. As always, stacking requirements will apply.
April - November
The brush chipping team completes monthly chipping routes, rotating through the city on a four-week cycle. Map is located at menu on left.
Brush piles should be at the curb by 6am on the Monday of your week and must be stacked per the requirements.
Stacking requirements:
Please ensure the branches have cut ends facing the street, a maximum diameter of 6 inches and a MINIMUM length of four feet.  Please do not block a sidewalk, stack parallel to curb if necessary. No grass, stumps, fabric, rocks or debris may be mixed in with the branches. 

Yard Waste Site
1507 Boomer Street 
April - December 2 - CLOSED FOR THE SEASON

The site is open for Watertown residents Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 to 7pm and Saturdays 9am to 1pm.  After fall daylight savings ends, November 5, the site will close at 6pm.
Grass clippings, vines, garden plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers, leaves, cornstalks, twigs, brush, etc...Residents take to the yard waste site at 1507 Boomer Street. Please separate waste to drop off at appropriate area. 

  1. Garden/leaves/plants/flowers
  2. Twigs/branches/brush
  3. Dirt 
  4. Rocks

Wood chips from the Street/Parks crew are available for pick up at the yard waste site.  
Absolutely NO garbage or plastic bags may be deposited at the site.  Landscape timbers, fencing and railroad ties must be taken to Street/Recycle Center (fees apply).
An attendant will be there for directions and questions.  Lift assistance is not available.
Operates April through November annually, weather permitting. 

Leaves are only picked up curbside in the autumn - typically October and November.



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