Stormwater Information

Stormwater Project Manager:  Maureen McBroom, ENV SP    920-206-4264

The City of Watertown’s Stormwater Management Program minimizes the amount of pollution reaching the Rock River and other local waterways and addresses historical flooding issues throughout the community.  Wet detention ponds, infiltration basins, underground treatment and storage systems, biofiltration facilities, porous pavement systems, rain gardens and rain barrels are among the Best Management Practices (BMPs) that have been installed around the City in recent years on public and private lands to improve flooding and minimize the sediment/Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and phosphorus that would otherwise flow into local waterways.

The City of Watertown has developed Chapter 453 of the City Code to aid in the regulation and protection of local water quality. This ordinance provides the authority to prohibit the discharge of non-stormwater to the City stormwater drainage system and details the enforcement actions taken upon a violation. Basically, only rain should go down the drain.

There are many things you can do to help. Click on each picture below to find out how!

Get Salt Wise  Be Stormwater Savvy   Direct Downspouts

 Rock River Stormwater Group   Shoreline Management & Restoration   Rain Gardens 

Illicit Discharge Picture  Stormwater Facility Maintenance  Field Guide to Terrestrial Invasive Plants in WI

 Erosion Control   Cattail Management   Pet Waste

Grass clippings and Yard waste       Stormwater Utility Credits Rebates

**Please note that the City of Watertown does require the following permit:**

*An Erosion Control and Storm Water Runoff Permit if you are either disturbing or grading more than 3,000 square feet of land or excavating and/or filling more than 400 cubic yards of material. Please see the Building Safety & Zoning webpage for building permit information for 1- and 2-family home sites or any sites under 1 acre.
To view the City of Watertown's Annual MS4 Permit Annual Reports and planning documents, please click here. To read more about City of Watertown's Chapter 288, Erosion and Sediment Control, please click here.