Solid Waste & Recycling

Phone 920-262-4080
Fax 920-262-4082
Stacy Winkelman, Operations Manager 920-262-4047
Matthew Willmann, Assistant Operations Manager 920-206-4277
Chris LaCombe, Solid Waste & Recycle Foreman  920-206-4279
Jane Flanigan, Administrative Assistant   920-206-4270

811 South First Street
Watertown WI 53094
Teams begin curbside collection at 6am 

Office Hours & drop off hours: Monday through Friday - 6:30am to 3:30pm
Saturdays: August 3, and October 5 -  8am to Noon

Yard Waste

Wisconsin state law banned yard waste from landfills in 1993. Should it be placed into any cart, the cart will not be collected.
The City offers a yard waste site for FREE for City of Watertown residents.   Yard Waste Guidelines

Placement of Carts   
It is very important that the solid waste crews and citizens work together to make weekly pickups as smooth as possible. Please allow a minimum of 3 feet of space between carts as well as from other items such as mailboxes, parked cars, sign posts, and utility poles.  Our trucks must be able to maneuver the lifting arm around the cart for pick up.  Carts need to be on the boulevard - not in the curb please - with the handles should be on the house side.  As part of our City Ordinance, carts must be off the boulevard by 8pm the day of your scheduled pick up. Nothing will be picked up outside the cart. 
Carts should be placed for pickup by 6am the day of your scheduled pickup. Should your cart be set out late it will not be emptied until your next scheduled day. 

Bulk Items Directives
Drop off at Street Department, of electronics, furniture, mattresses/box springs, construction debris*, and extra garbage or recycling with the following guidelines:  Check into office upon arrival. Lifting assistance is not available.  Fees may apply  - form on left menu
Payment:  Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card* (*please note there is a 2% processing fee for credit/debit cards)

Carpeting:  Please know your room size for pricing and have carpeting rolls (tied or taped) no longer than four feet. Length x Width = Square Feet ÷ 9 = Square Yards (round to the nearest dollar)

* Construction debris  - please call to ensure we have space before loading and delivering it to the Street Department/Recycle Center.  This is intended for minor construction repairs - please make other arrangements for large jobs.  As an example- we do not accept shingles from roofing jobs. No concrete/bricks and maximum length of debris should be 6 feet.  Fees Apply.  Maximum construction debris use - five per calendar year.
These services are for City of Watertown residents and contracted townships only.

Solid Waste 2024 Holiday
Stickers for garbage carts will be installed when weather allows.

Yard Waste Site
1507 Boomer Street

Regular hours for the Yard Waste Site are as follows: Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The site, located at 1507 Boomer Street, will accept a variety of yard waste materials including grass clippings, vines, leaves, garden plants, and wood chips.

Through July, work will be taking place Yard Waste Drop-Off Site on 1501 Boomer Street! A sand filter, as shown in the image, will be constructed, which will help clean up runoff from the yard waste site before it flows into the surrounding wetlands. This means there are a few changes to traffic flow and location of items in the yard waste site:
+ Follow designated driving paths within the site.
+ Observe signs and directions, and respect work areas marked by cones and barrels.
+ Free wood chips and compost will be temporarily relocated near the dog park.
Thank you for your safety and cooperation while dropping off yard waste!

Residents are reminded to separate twigs, brush, or stones, which must be placed in designated areas on-site. Additionally, it is imperative that no debris or garbage is left at the site, and all bags or containers must be emptied upon disposal. While an attendant will be present to address any inquiries, unloading assistance will not be provided.
Yard Waste Under Construction

Absolutely NO garbage or plastic bags may be deposited at the site.  Landscape timbers, fencing and railroad ties must be taken to Street/Recycle Center (fees apply).
An attendant will be there for directions and questions.  Lift assistance is not available.
Operates April through November annually, weather permitting. 

Leaves are only picked up curbside in the autumn - typically October and November.

Weekly Collections

Due to ever changing schedules and duties your garbage and recycle carts may not be emptied at a "usual" or given time.  As an example: The team may empty all the gray garbage carts at 7am, empty the truck, then return and collect all blue recycle carts at 1pm  -  OR -  the team may change-up drivers and run the route in different direction thus in the summer your carts were emptied at 8am may now be emptied at 1pm.  Before you remove your cart from the curb please make sure we emptied it.

Garbage and Recycle carts containing yard waste at curbside will be tagged and not emptied!

Teams begin curbside pick-up at 6am on your scheduled day.

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