department head: Kristine Butteris
phone: 920-262-8080

General Park Information


Watertown's park system has a wide variety of recreational activities for both the most active and passive recreation interest. Picnics, ball games, playgrounds, tennis, ice skating and may cultural and social events are just some of the happenings which make the park system active and enjoyable throughout the entire year. The Park, Recreation & Forestry Department asks that you obey the following rules of the parks to help make it an enjoyable visit and experience for everyone.

1. Park hours are 5:00 am to 11:00 pm.
2. Please dispose of garbage and litter in the provided receptacles.
3. Please discourage and report all acts of vandalism. (Police # 261-6660)
4. Glass beverage bottles are prohibited.
5. Low volume music is permitted in the parks, but music requiring amplification requires an Amplified Music Permit for a cost of $30.00.
6. Dogs are not permitted in the city parks, except in those parks designated as pet exercise parks.  The dog park on Boomer Street and the trail in Brandt Quirk park are designated as pet exercise parks.
7. Cars are prohibited on all grass areas.
8. It is unlawful to operate or ride any bicycle, roller skates, skateboards or inline skates on any park structure, such as picnic tables, play equipment or retaining walls. 
9.  Camping or staying overnight anywhere within the park system without permission is not permitted. 
10. Flying of model airplanes is not permitted in the city parks. 
11. Practicing golf is not permitted in the parks.

Brandt Quirk Park has 10 lighted courts, Riverside Park has four courts that are lighted and Clark Park has two courts that are not lighted. Lights are available from dusk to 10:30 p.m. and are activated by a push button switch located on the electrical control panel. If people are waiting, play is limited to one hour. Brandt Quirk park courts are reserved by the Watertown Tennis Assoc. on Wednesdays from 4:00 to 10:30 p.m. 


Ball diamonds at all parks can be reserved. People having picnics should secure a diamond reservation at the time they get their shelter reservation. A total of thirteen ball diamonds are maintained throughout the parks.


Ball Diamonds  Location
Brandt/Quirk Park 800 Carriage hill Drive
Riverside Park 812  Labaree Street
Washington Park 635 S 12th Street
MaryRose Park 1324 Meadow Brook Drive
Brandenstein Park 30 West Spaulding Street
Clark Park 222 Franklin Street
Lincoln Park 505 Union Street
Timothy Johnson park 1115 Oak Street
Union Park 402 Monroe Street