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department head: Director: Kristine ButterisĀ  Coordinator: Stephanie Juhl
phone: 920-262-8080

Bentzin Family Town Square

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Step into the heart of our city at the Bentzin Family Town Square, where community and fun come together!
Take a look at our calendar of events for upcoming fun in the square.
If you are interested in reserving the square, participating as a food/drink vendor at the square, volunteering at the square, or just want to be involved in other ways.....Please get in touch with our event coordinator at and we can chat about your opportunities.


At Bentzin Family Town Square our mission is to be the vibrant heart of our community, providing a dynamic outdoor space that fosters connection, celebrates diversity, and cultivates a sense of belonging.

Our Focus!

Community Hub: Serve as the central gathering place where residents and visitors alike converge to connect, share experiences, and strengthen the bonds that define our community.

Cultural Celebration: Celebrate the rich tapestry of our community's cultural diversity by hosting events that showcase art, music, food, and traditions, creating an inclusive space for all to appreciate and enjoy.

Event Excellence: Offer a versatile event space that accommodates a wide range of activities, from local markets and festivals to live performances and community gatherings, ensuring a diverse and engaging calendar of events throughout the year.

Local Collaboration: Foster partnerships with local businesses, artisans, and performers, promoting economic growth and providing a platform for showcasing the talents and offerings of our community.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Design a welcoming space that caters to individuals of all ages, offering family-friendly events, recreational areas, and amenities that make the town square a destination for everyone in the community.

Educational Initiatives: Facilitate learning and cultural exchange through educational programs, workshops, and informative events that empower individuals and contribute to the intellectual growth of the community.

Adaptability and Flexibility: Remain responsive to the evolving needs and preferences of the community, regularly updating our offerings and amenities to ensure that the Bentzin Family Town Square remains a relevant and cherished space for generations to come.

Economic Development: Be a catalyst for downtown economic vitality.

By steadfastly pursuing this mission, we aim to create a town square that not only reflects the spirit of our community but actively contributes to its vitality, creating a space where memories are made and shared by all.