Nuisance Complaint/Human Health Hazards

Environmental Health Specialists respond to issues affecting health and safety of the general public.  As directed by City of Watertown Ordinance 390-3 Public Nuisances Affecting Health  and Jefferson County Ordinance Chapter 16 Health Hazard & Public Nuisance Ordinance, Environmental Health Specialists follow up on written complaints that would fall under the authority of those ordinances. Environmental Health Specialists also follow up on complaints regarding licensed retail food and recreational establishments as an agent of DATCP and DSPS in the City of Watertown and Jefferson County.

Department policy is all complaints must be submitted in writing in one of the following ways:

1) Fill out the following online complaint form:
2) Complaint forms can be obtained at the Jefferson County Health Department or Watertown Department of Public Health and filled out on-site.

Our department does not complete onsite investigation for mold or bed bugs in private residences.

For more information regarding mold:

For more information regarding bed bugs: