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Get Healthy Watertown is a not-for-profit community group made up with members from local schools and health organizations, the Watertown Department of Public Health, multiple local business as well as local residents who work to provide the community with educational and physical activity opportunities that promote improved health for people in the Watertown area. 

 The mission of the group is to increase the community’s knowledge of healthy lifestyle choices through a variety of educational and physical activities.    The primary focus of the Get Healthy Watertown group is to encourage healthy nutritional choices and to increase physical activity in our community.

 Members of the Get Healthy Watertown Committee meet the third Thursday of the month, at the Watertown Senior and Community Center from 8 – 9 a. m.  All meetings are open to the public.  Any one interested in being a part of the group or participating in “Walk on Saturday” a weekly community wide walking program sponsored by Get Healthy Watertown should contact Don Christensen, chair man of the walk 261-4929 or Susan Wollin, Get Healthy Watertown Co-Chair at 262-8090.

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