Food Safety, Recreational Licensing, Retail Food

The Jefferson County Environmental Public Health Consortium serves as the licensing and regulating authority in the City of Watertown and Jefferson County for:

  • RestaurantsFoodSafeGraphics Box
  • Pools
  • Campgrounds
  • Recreation/Educational Camps
  • Temporary Food Stands
  • Body Art Facilities (tattoo and body piercing)
  • Retail Food Establishments
    • Groceries Stores, Bakeries, Convenience Stores, etc.
    • Mobile Food Stands


Licensing year is from July 1st through June 30.  Renewals for licenses must be returned before July 1st to avoid a late fee being assessed.  Licenses are not transferable.  All fees (license fee, pre-inspection fee, etc.) must be paid before license is issued.  Application for a new facility/change of owner can be found below:

Fee schedule Tabla de Tarifas
Retail Food Not Serving Meals Application Aplicación Víveres al por menor No servir Comidas.
Retail Food Serving Meals Application Al por menor Viveres  servir comidas 
Recreational Water/Pool Application  Aplicación de agua / piscina recreativa
Rec/Ed Camp Application  Solicitud de campamento de  Rec/Ed
Lodging/Campground Application  Solicitud de Alojamiento/Camping
Tattoo/Body Art Application Aplicación de tatuaje / arte corporal 


All facilities are required by local ordinance to be inspected at least once a year.  Re-inspections are also required for facilities with priority items (formerly critical violations).  Pre-inspections are required for new facilities, change of owners, and significant remodels to existing facilities.  For a list of approved non-commercial equipment, see the brochure here: Equipment Comparable Compliance Brochure 

  Reinspection Criteria (by facility type)

Retail Food Campgrounds Minorista de Alimentos Campamentos
Recreational Water Tattoo/Body Piercing Instalaciones Recreativas Acuáticas  Tatuajes y Perforaciones Corporales
Rec-ed Camps  Lodging Campamentos Recreativos y Educativos Alojamiento

Transient Retail Food/Special Event Vendor Information 

Who Needs a Transient Retail Food License Quién Necesita un Permiso de Puesto de Establecimiento de Alimentos al por Menor Transitorio
Transient Food Stand Guidance

Directrices para puestos de comida transitorios

Food Stand Supply List

Lista de suministros para vendedores transitorios de alimentos

Food Stand Layout

Disposición del puesto de comida

Sampling Guidelines Directrices para las actividades de muestreo de alimentos exentas de permisos de establecimientos de alimentos transitorios

Online Inspection Reports: