Blood Lead Screening
Blood lead testing and counseling are provided to children who are at high risk of exposure to lead, especially those living in homes built before the year 1950.   
 Blood lead testing

 Lead Information:




Your health and your family’s health can be hurt by lead.



Everyone can be affected by lead, but pregnant women and children under the age of 6 are most at risk.

The main health concerns from lead exposure are damage to the nervous system and brain. The kidneys, red blood cells, and reproductive system can also be affected at higher exposures to lead.

If you are worried that you or your family has been exposed to lead, talk to your doctor about getting a blood lead test.


Lead can come from a number of sources in the home.



Most lead comes from old paint, as well as other things like toys, food, and soil. Information about these sources can be found at:

Water can also be a potential source of lead.  The City of Watertown Water Department follows and meets all requirements of the EPA & DNR pertaining to testing for lead in the water, please see link below for information regarding the City’s water quality.

You can test your water for lead. Contact a certified water testing laboratory to find out how to do this.


Individuals can reduce their exposure to lead in many ways.



You can reduce your exposure to lead in water by taking these steps:

  • Flush your pipes before using water.
  • Never use water from the hot-water tap for cooking or drinking.
  • Install a reverse osmosis water purification system designed to remove lead.

It is important to take steps to fix other lead sources in your home. For more information see:


 Blood Pressure Checks

 Blood pressure checks are available at no charge during office hours. Please call for an appointment

blood pressure monitor cuff


Drug Drop Off Sites

For safe disposal of outdated or no longer needed medications, see the links below for locations for secure drug drop off.

Drug drop off box
Jefferson County
                                                                                                                         Dodge County

Sharps (Needle) Collection

The Health Department encourages proper disposal of sharps and needles to keep others safe from accidental needle sticks and expSharps containerosures. Sharps containers can be brought to the Health Department for disposal free of charge. New sharps containers are supplied for a nominal fee.

 Sharps Information Brochure

Head Lice Checks

Head lice checks are done by appointment. Public Health Nurse's are able to provide education and prevention tips.

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