Watertown Dept. of Public Health does car seat checks for free by appointment  

Car seats are available based on eligibility and availability

Give our Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians a call today to make sure your child is a safe as possible while riding in vehicles!

Car seat flyer

Summer Safety Tips

Children should never be left alone in a vehicle, not even for a second!

-A child's temperature rises faster than an adults
-Even on a cloudy day, a vehicle is a dangerous place to leave a child
-Cracking the windows of the vehicle does little to help

Never Leave Your Child Alone in a Car

Car Temps

Make sure you have a way to remember the child is with you
1. Leave your phone, purse, or even your left shoe in the back seat
*You will not get very far from the vehicle without these things*
2. Send a text to a family member or friend when everyone makes it inside the destination
3. Put a stuffed animal in the front seat with you as a visual reminder the child is in the seat
4. Always look before you lock

Look Before You Lock

Parents should also teach their children the vehicle is not a place to play
-Make sure all vehicles are locked so children cannot get inside

Feel the Heat