Fire Inspections

The Watertown Fire Department conducts over 1,000 commercial inspections per year, within our fire district, between two part-time fire inspectors.

The Watertown Fire Department inspects of all commercial and apartment buildings annually.  When a department completes all of the required fire inspections, they receive what is called “2 percent dues” from the state, which acts as another source of revenue for the department. The dues are based on fire insurance premiums collected from the residents and businesses.

Some of the common violations found on Fire Inspections are, extension cord usage, blocked exits, fire extinguishers outdated/blocked, and sprinkler systems out of date. The inspectors look for more than this list, depending on the occupancy.

Maintaining up to date contact information for all of our commercial buildings is not only important for fire inspections, but also if an emergency occurs at that building. If you recently moved into or purchased a building in our service area, please contact us so we can update the contacts in our system and start the emergency pre-planning process for the building.


 Anthony Schwegel         
Fire Inspector


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